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Ticket Input Page
Here is where they call you in to meet with the prosecutor.

HelpWith Your Ticket

There is a lot you can do to get the courts to either drop your ticked or make you a deal you cannot pass up. Just fill in the information from yout ticket below and we will send you documents that will demonstrate to the court that it is going to cost them more to prosecute you than they can make in fines.

When you finish this form you can click here or any of the links below will give you some insight into the documents we produce: Officer Qualifications,   Special Appearance, Challenge to Subject Matter JurisdictionDemand For Examining TrialNotice of Preservation of RightsCounter Claim (Allegation Against Officer),  Police Officer Complaint ,  Motion In Limine ,  Professional Conduct Complaint.

Get this information from the citation.If the citation is hard to read then call the police department to officer was working for. This part needs to be complete and correct.

Who Wrote The Citation

Citation Number

Citing Officer's Name

Officer's badge number

Issuing agency

Issuing agency address

Issuing agency city

Issuing agency state

Issing agency zip

Issuing agency phone







Defendant Information


Defendant Last

Defendant Address

Defendant City

Defendant State

Defendant Zip

State where vehicle is registered.

About The Citation

Citation Date

Time of the citation

Violation alleged

Check if the officer was on a motorcycle

Tell us about the officer's demeanor.

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